McAfee SiteAdvisor – Download, Install and Uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor – Download, Install and Uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor is a website Security Tool that comes with any antivirus functions such as Mcafee LiveSafe and Mcafee Mobile Security. Mcafee WebAdvisor has served to be Installation the McAfee WebAdvisior process stopped error at this time. If you conform to remove WebAdvisor for many reasons. If you won’t Search the disable option in your Mcafee Web Application Setting. To Disable WebAdvisor, you must be Disable it Via the McAfee Software. For successfully removal, if You also remove another search engines add to a web browser by SiteAdvisor.

Key Features of Access Mcafee WebAdvisor:

Mcafee SiteAdvisor Key Features is several depend on the browser that you use.

Internet Explorer:

SiteAdvisor in internet explorer is now “Toolbar-less” and is “IE” own Tool menu. And Click “Mcafee Webadvisor…” from the tools menu will bring you to some option page. McAfee SiteAdvisor is no largest listed in IE’s Tools “Manager Add” Click. This way to Disable WebAdvisor From IE is to Successfully Remove the features, from the Windows Control Panel (View Uninstall SiteAdvisor Option).

Mozilla Firefox:

The SiteAdvisor add-on is the location at the right of the toolbar, right of the Firefox menu button. The place of the SiteAdvisor Option is don’t customizable, any other Firefox Add-on. Include the Firefox Browser Add-ons menu option, they can be removed for the Firefox Browser.

Google Chrome:

The McAfee WebAdvisor extension is located at the last of the address bar, beside the bookmark option. Then Include the browser Extension menu, SiteAdvisor can be Uninstall for the chrome.

Important Features of Mcafee WebAdvisor:

Following are the list of Key Features by Webadvisor.

Check WebAdvisor Protection:

McAfee SiteAdvisor Will be Enable that you have McAfee Antivirus And McAfee FireWall Savreal enabled on your System. WebAdvisor Detects that Each the McAfee Livesafe or FireWall in Not Activate, then you Will get a massage Inquiry you would like the SiteAdvisor to resolve any problem. Select “Fix now”, SiteAdvisor will Attempt to solve the problem Automatically. It’s not possible, SiteAdvisor Will Install the Windows Protection Center Because that if you can activate your protection settings from there.

Search Security:

All Web Browser Search Security will be found by default when you create a Search Query online. Get the Batter result will be listed with each a Green Right mark that the All Sites is Checked and protect red means this link is dangerous and contain malicious Url or Downloads all related materials, or Grey Means this link isn’t related for Protection.

Surf Security:

Your Navigate to a page that the SiteAdvisor has Discovered to be not Secure, and you will show the following page on your System Display, And You will be Receive the option to continue to the web page by selecting or navigate Best way from it by Clicking “Back”.

Download Mcafee Protection:

You can opt to Download a Document File from an Online Source. The SiteAdvisor will visit scan it as the download takes location. If the redeem is discovered to contain malicious content such as a virus if you will be Active and will get the section to block the Download, then Accept the risk and Download the Document file Some ways.

Password Security:

Some time you log into an online service, SiteAdvisor privately confirm that the password you have click has not been adjusted, if you will Get a Massage as well a suggestion to make a new secure password. You decide to receive the risk, you will not be warned this website on other future visits.

Download And install McAfee SiteAdvisor:

The process of download and install of McAfee SiteAdvisor are very easy and simple to understand.

Set the requirements for the installation. Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, google chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are required for the installation of WebAdvisor in your system.

At first, simply click on the ‘Download and Choose’ option and save on the selected location. So that the WebAdvisor setup file will be saved. Wait for some time for the complete installation process and after the completion of installation double-click on it. Then follow the instruction which is given on your screen.

Remove WebAdvisor Manually:

Quickly Successfully uninstall WebAdvisor, from your System by downloading “Should I Remove It?” Also, need to remove its leftover component file & registry entries which will not be uninstalled along with Default remove all process.

Section 1: Perform default Remove:
  • Once create sure you have don’t start all the web browser.
  • Activate the being menu at the bottom left of the following System Display.
  • Open the Start menu (for Windows 8, right-click the screen bottom-left corner) then Click Control Panel >and remove, under programs.
  • Then Place and select Mcafee SiteAdvisor in the remove program list, and click the remove button. Since search engine toolbar was Add Along with WebAdvisor, because, you want to receive rid to this toolbar as well. Remember in the Magician, then click the search engine toolbar removable option before, then you click the remove option.
  • Now after the process completely successful remove Mcafee WebAdvisor, the Magician will activate you or actually went to remove yahoo toolbar, then select “yes” before continuing.
  • After some time to allow the wizard process the completely uninstall.
Section 2: Remove leftover folder and file
  • First, click to begin > Search.
  • Then find the world Mcafee file/folder and file.
  • Remove all the file search found the file.
  • Thereafter, use the windows to find key features to search yahoo.
  • Remove Each file thing you found.
Section 3: Remove registry leftovers file:
  • Registry editor from being > Install > types regedit
  • Expand the registry tree branch in the left-hand sites.
  • Search and remove the registry leftovers on the display view that related to yahoo toolbar or McAfee WebAdvisor.
  • End Registry editor or reboot System.

Yahoo toolbar or Mcafee SiteAdvisor registry leftovers comments:

  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Companion
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Companion\Opt
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Companion\pubmod
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Companion\SearchHistory
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Companion\Ycheck
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\YFriendsBar
  • AKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\YFriendsBar\Settings
  • AKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\MSC\Settings\ApplicationInfo
  • AKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\MSC\Settings\protcat\AA747A62-493D-4082-A2EF-C4AD2049AA21

Automatically Remove McAfee SiteAdvisor:

Simply uninstall Windows Application then Max uninstaller is Always the amazing choice to protect. You like the manual Answers is too tedious, we recommended using the Max Removal to help you completely remove McAfee WebAdvisor then going via to complicated removal process.

Automatic removal McAfee WebAdvisor – Uninstall Steps
  • In your System with ease to Download Max Uninstaller and install it.
  • The screen Icon launch MU by Double Click.
  • WebAdvisor in program list then selects “Run Analysis” Button.
  • Disable to Pop-up Webpage once the standard removal is completely successful.
  • Select the “Scan Leftovers” button to the Manner a complete Scan on your System for Leftovers of McAfee WebAdvisor.
  • Select “Delete Leftovers” or uninstaller will removal each the Leftovers it found.
  • Finally, Select the “ok” button in the pop-up message to complete the removal.

3 Way to Uninstall McAfee Webadvisor:

If you remove & Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor for Mac. We provide the helpful some Steps to get rid of WebAdvisor on Mac OS and Mac OS X, then you have Any Issue to Deal with it, follow our Instruction to Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor.

Before the removal, then 4 Option to Create WebAdvisor has been below:
  • Select the WebAdvisor icon in Dock, then Select Quit option.
  • Before Select the Setup in the Left corner near apple icon, or click the Quit SiteAdvisor.
  • Located for Display from Dock>>Application>>Finder, Select the NetWork option, then Find the keyword of WebAdvisor and Click all installation process, Then Select X in the Left corner, And Enter to Confirm the Exit:
  • If you use A, b Did not work, then try to force Quit Windows by selecting pressing Shortcuts of Command option+Esc. Hit the WebAdvisor icon in the Windows or enter Quit.
Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor with the uninstaller

Use the mac OS Application has its Include the uninstaller remains in the Running Folder & File like Windows in Most case If you can Search it in your Mac and Located to install removal. Simply, it will stay with McAfee WebAdvisor in Seam Navigate in WebAdvisor App.

  • Include the Dock, Search and open the App Folder and File.
  • Double-tab the WebAdvisor uninstall, Then Click to “Continue”
  • And Enter the Your Administrator password and Select “OK”, Then Select “Finish”.
  • Remove the empty Folder of WebAdvisor for the click and Select the “Move to Trash”.
Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor with the Help of Mac Trach

Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor, how to do you don’t know, then follow the Some Steps:

  • Now Open the Application Folder in the Left of Dock.
  • Then Search the SiteAdvisor folder And open this folder.
  • Before wait and Drag the WebAdvisor icon to Trash.
  • Then Click on it and Select to “Move to Trash”.
Before to clear leftovers in Application Library Folder:

Before the Completely uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor And remains to include a hard drive, if you require to launch the SiteAdvisor library folder to have a clean by steps below.

  • Open the Finder.
  • Before Select “Go” near the mac icon from the menu bar > Going to folder
  • Folder type ~/Library include the Folder box and enter the key to open it.
  • Next Folder Types the McAfee/ McAfee WebAdvisor in the find box, then Select the “Library”.
  • Select the Each target Product in the List to Move to Trash.

Mac Folder you may require to verify the related files of McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor with the tools

Remove McAfee WebAdvisor with the help of conventional way, can’t completely Uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor with Include the uninstaller, there are easier but help way to Uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor From Mac OS. Then Follow some instruction here to uninstall it step by step if you try this Latest tool on Mac OS.

Steps 1: Download & install Os Uninstaller on Mac OS, Open it and Select WebAdvisor on the List, Select on the Green option “Run Analysis”.

Steps 2: Uninstaller will Analysis the target Mac Application as fast as you think, some Seconds later, then select the Button successfully remove when Each the relevant Files and Folder include in the list.

Steps 3: These WebAdvisor tools will easily remove each the related files and folder scanned the before steps now congratulation to you, McAfee SiteAdvisor finds from the file List. And back to First Steps to verify whether it was found or not by Select the refresh option.

Repeats condition the seam steps to uninstall McAfee include uninstaller on the list with steps 1,2,3 just follow you did with McAfee WebAdvisor.

Now, Finally removal is done, WebAdvisor and McAfee Include gone from the Folder list and the mac itself, restart mac to take multiple effects. Another inquiry to completely remove McAfee SiteAdvisor Plz Follow the Following Steps.

Lack of McAfee WebAdvisor:

The latest update speed of website list is very slower than the Anti-phishing list of Firefox and Google. So, the analysis of Websites is completed by manpower rather than System.

WebAdvisor Quality of Inspectors is linked with neutrality and correctness of webpage analysis. Unable to McAfee WebAdvisor judge whether an unknown webpage has an issue because there is not include scan-gadget engine and black & white list. Follow the Some cases of users have no select but to send notification and hold for the review from inspectors of the official webpage.

Following Are Some Issue you may encounter when using McAfee WebAdvisor
  • Don’t Visible Toolbar

WebAdvisor is listed as an extension and as a plugin. Time to time users Searches that they could not view the toolbar and found any colored options side the WebPage. The WebAdvisor Issue Always occurs in from operating System 2000 to Windows 7.

  • Button Don’t Close

Whenever the McAfee users browsing the internet they will receive the information from the pop-up windows of McAfee SiteAdvisor. In some cases, the ‘Close’ option can’t visible to the users on the pop-up windows due to the problem affecting to the browsing experience.

  • Immovable toolbar

The McAfee WebAdvisor is an immovable toolbar, due to the interacts feature with the web browsers. You can replace the toolbar to the main menu using the lock toolbars option and drag the toolbar to the left of the menus.


In this blog, we tried our best to provide you all the details related to the McAfee WebAdvisor. Further, if you have any puzzles in your mind about the WebAdvisor then get the fast solution from our McAfee Customer Service team. They are always ready to troubleshoot your problem at any time and anywhere through the McAfee Customer Service phone number. At last, we suggest you to keep installing McAfee antivirus in your system for better protection.

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