Best Ways to Configure McAfee Web Gateway – McAfee Product

Best Ways to Configure McAfee Web Gateway – McAfee Product

McAfee Web Gateway is a type of security solution which protects web-surfing PCs from the contamination like viruses and threats and prevents unsafe traffics from entering an internal network of an organization. McAfee Internet Security of web gateway offers the advanced feature for the forward security, flexibility, and control to take the full benefits of the web. It is the latest threat protection improvement which can provide security in the web platform and can access in McAfee multi-Access devices.           

Functions of McAfee Web Gateway (MWG):

  • This Gateway presents detailed information for each cloud service.
  • MWG applies special machine learning features to detect threats.
  • Make policies for the rest data cloud.
  • Make a data-centric security policy.  
  • MEG responds to cloud-based threats in exact time.
  • It can control each individual users action.   

Advantages of McAfee Web Gateway:

Unparallel Threat Protection:

It Gateway providing urgent protection from the malware attack and the other invisible threats. This can be made because of the McAfee GTI (Global Threat Intelligence). McAfee Global Threat Intelligence helps to protect with the layered security which is combined with the local and cloud protection.   

Strong protection against data loss:

This Web Gateway using DLP technology to protect data loss. This technology helps to prevent the suspected information or files, from the web application sites and protect the sensitive data into the cloud storage.  

Web Identity Management:

Web Gateway is using the SSO (Single Sign-On) feature to develop the availability and security of the end-users. And this feature is also used to reduce the password relevant problems.   

Easy efficient Management:

You can stop expanding and managing the hardware and software products by the help of McAfee Web Gateway and easily manage the McAfee antivirus.   

Performance and Infrastructure:

The web gateway includes high-performance, reverse proxy software, and strength enterprising for better protection feature. The purpose of the deployment option is to build a virtualized platform with the cloud-based McAfee web protection.       

Key Features and Benefits of MWG:

The best protection, Layered security system, data loss blocked, protection of encrypted traffic are the new advanced feature of web gateway.

  • You can identify the threats and organizations in this advanced feature.
  • Keep the secret file secure with high protection feature.
  • Outbound malware detection recognizes and isolates the unknown threats and prevents them from your system forever.
  • McAfee Web Gateway protects encrypted traffic through the SSL infection.
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution keep your information in a safe place from leaking out of the organization.      

Solutions for McAfee Web Gateway issues:

Data loss prevention of Web Gateway:

It protects your information from the outbound threats and the SSL programme makes the web gateway more powerful to prevent intellectual property loss. No one can steal your information through the web. Before you get any unknown threats or virus you detect these threats and viruses through the McAfee security scan.    

Mobile filtering for remote users:

These Web Gateway can access in the mobile devices for better security policy. Android, iOS, Apple iPad, Blackberry, Google Android and etc. are the popular smartphone which can run the web gateway and direct the traffic in the McAfee Web gateway. Before using the web gateway ensure that there is no malware attack in the device.  

Licensing of McAfee Web Gateway:

It is necessary to make a license of MWG to get all the advantages of MEG in your future proof investment.    

Requirement systems for McAfee Web Gateway:

Requirement appliances depend upon the model of the web gateway. There are some requirements of MWG. Give a look at the below list:

  • VM Ware ESX
  • CPU (64-bit)
  • VT-x/AMD-V
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 200 GB free Hard Disk Space
  • CPU cores-2 (minimum)

Configure the MEG by Syslog:

  • At first, go to the ‘Policy’ option and then go to the ‘Rule Sets’ tool.
  • Then click the ‘Long Handler’ option.
  • Find the wanted logging rule.
  • Generally, the Long handle is named by Access.log.
  • Click the rule and select the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Events’ sections and click the ‘Add/Event’ option.
  • Select the ‘Syslog’ and click the ‘Parameter’ option.
  • Enter ‘6’ in the ‘Level’ option.
  • Then go to the ‘Message’ and click the ‘Use property’ option.
  • Succeed the “User-Defined.logLine”.
  • Click the ‘OK’ option and again click ‘Ok’.
  • Now you can see the Syslog(6, User-Defined.logLine).
  • Lastly, click the ‘Finish’ option.  

Configure McAfee Web Gateway for Metadefender ICAP:

  • Go to your ‘MEG’ site and it will accessible through the HTTP://<IP Adress>:4711 or 4712.
  • And login your MEG.
  • Select the ‘Policy’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Rule Set’ tab.
  • And then select ‘Rule Set from Library’ from the ‘Add’ option.
  • Choose the ‘ICAP Client’ from the list and click the ‘OK’ option.
  • Again go to the ‘Rule Set’ tool.
  • Select the lately made ‘ICAP client’ and click on ‘Edit’ (ReqMod Server) option.
  • An ‘Edit ICAP Server’ window will be open in your screen.
  • Double click on the first option which is given on the screen.
  • Then change the URI for the ICAP Server.
  • After changing the URI click the ‘OK’ option to close the ‘Edit ICAP Server’ window.
  • Again go to the ‘ICAP Client’ and select the ‘Edit’ (RespMod Server) option.
  • Double click the first item and edit the URI.
  • After finishing these steps ‘Save Changes’ option which is at the top right corner.  

Remove Malware from McAfeeWeb Gateway:

  • Go to the ‘Policy’ option.
  • Then select the ‘Rule Sets’ tool.
  • Click on the ‘Gateway Anti-Malware’ option.
  • Then click the ‘Anti-malware Settings’.
  • Now set or edit whatever you want.

Re-solve the non-working web page through the web gateway:

  • Go to the ‘Policy’ option.
  • Then select the ‘Settings’ tool.
  • Choose the ‘SSL Client Context with CA’ option.
  • After clicking the ‘SSL Client Context with CA’ option click the ‘Default Ca’ option.
  • Then click ‘Export’ (Certificate Authority) and import the organized file to the trusted browser.

Import McAfee Web gateway Log files into WebSpy:

  • Go to the WebSpy Vantage and open it.
  • Click the ‘Storage’ tab and select the ‘Import Log’.
  • Create a new storage and give a name for that and the must be meaning full like ‘McAfee Web Gateway’.
  • Choose the ‘Local or Networked Files or Folders’ then click the ‘Next’ option.
  • Then Select ‘McAfee’ and click ‘Next’.
  • Click ‘Add/Folder’ and select the folder where you want to store the ‘MEG’ file.
  • Skip the last 3 pages and click on the ‘OK’ option.


If you have any problem to understand our blog or any issue in the steps then you can contact with our McAfee Customer Service team to troubleshoot your problems. Actually, McAfee is a good security product for your system, you just have to select the McAfee product and install it in your system. So keep installing the McAfee antivirus and Mcafee Web Gateway for the total protection of your system and web.   

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