How to Disable Mcafee Web control with EPO Features

How to Disable Mcafee Web control with EPO Features

McAfee web control is a browser-protection solution for client computers. It protects in opposition to threats on webpages and in file downloads and used to identifies the web-based threats.  McAfee Web Control is improving the programme of users through the update of McAfee SiteAdvisor enterprise. This is the unique antivirus software in the world. McAfee is the number one entrusted antivirus security software on the world by millions of users. This programme is mainly designed to filter the specific URL and detect, protect, correct the malware threats and web viruses.

Steps to disable McAfee web control:

Go to the setting option to disable the McAfee web control by the McAfee ePO server. You can disable the McAfee Web Control in case of policy setting, or when your web control button is grey or in the case of enabled to display in the report site.  

  • Select the ‘Menu’ option.
  • Then go to the ‘Policy’ button.
  • Select the ‘Endpoint Security Web Control’ from the ‘Policy Catalog’.
  • Then select ‘Options’ from the category list.
  • Select the name in the editable policy.
  • Arrange the setting in the ‘Web Control’ division.
  • Then click the ‘Save’ option.
  • Go to an agent call to apply the setting instantly or wait for the next automatic communication.   

McAfee ePO features in McAfee web control:

The Mcafee ePO (ePolicy Orchestrators) is the most advanced feature of the security software industry.  

  • Client Tasks: You can use the client tasks to management and maintenance of the client system.
  • Dashboards: You can use your dashboard to keep watch in your environment.  
  • Events & Replies:
  • Managed system properties: In this feature, you can manage your system properties in the web control.  
  • Policies: You can get many options in the policy category in the web control.
  • Queries & Report: You can see the default queries to run the report. In this feature, you can create your own queries and report.   
  • Permission Sets: You can get permission setting feature in the McAfee web control product.

Related features of McAfee Web Control:

  • Protect feature of McAfee Web Control: Web Control protect your system from malicious websites. McAfee web control is using the safety ratings and web category.
  • Detect feature of McAfee Web Control: Web control can detect the threats and viruses by the help of McAfee security scan. The color icon indicates the safety rating for the site. It will show you the details of the threats, safety rating, and other data.
  • Correction feature of McAfee Web Control: The McAfee Web Control is preventing the net control from rating or blocking special IP addresses. Web control will disable automatically if it gets a web threat or a virus. It works as an alert machine for the system.

How the Web Control Works in McAfee Antivirus Software?

  • The administrator can control your web control system in McAfee ePO.
  • The users can visit the website which is under controlled by the administrator.
  • The web control will request the URL reputation for the McAfee GTI (Global Threat Intelligence).
  • The color navigation will show you the reputation of URL.
    • Green color indicates that the web control is allowing you to display the website page.
    • If the URL is matched with a category and the URL reputation is unrated in McAfee GTI then the web control allows to blocks navigation to the URL which is related to content actions setting.
  • If the requested URL is a file downloaded file and not a malicious programme, then it allows you to download the file.
  • In case of the unknown file, the web control will send the file to McAfee antivirus scan for scanning.
  • After the completion of scanning, web control will allow you to download the file.
  • McAfee web control creates and sends the details and event to McAfee ePO.

How safety ratings are compiled in McAfee Web Control?

McAfee always checking and rating your McAfee antivirus product using the extension security guidelines. Web control helps to test the compile safety rating for each website automatically. And helps to auto testing of excessive pop-up windows, attempt to utilize the weak point of the site, and checking for fault practices employed by a site.  

The connection between McAfee Client Proxy and McAfee Web Control:  

McAfee web control is totally combined with the McAfee Client Proxy to run the web traffic on the outside of the browser. The web control browsers are disabled. When the McAfee Client Proxy (MCP) is unable to determine the threat then, McAfee web control determines the threats in the outside of the browser. You can use the McAfee Client Proxy in both Windows and Mac OS X.     


The McAfee web control is the best product of McAfee antivirus software. Sometimes users cannot set their McAfee web control in their system. In this case, if you need any help to understand our blog then contact our McAfee Customer Service to get the resolution of your problem. They can troubleshoot your problem in a few time. Just keep installing the McAfee antivirus programme with the McAfee web control in your system.

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