How to activate McAfee mobile security with activation key?

How to activate McAfee mobile security with activation key?

McAfee is a web security provider software in the digital world. It is mostly used in the mobile device or in the smartphone because now the smartphone is widely used in our in personal life. To use the McAfee security product in a mobile device we have to install the McAfee antivirus software and activate the McAfee mobile security with a McAfee activation key. There are different activation flows in different systems. So each system and each device has a unique activation key.

In this blog, we will discuss the McAfee security in a mobile device. You can get an activation key, after buying the McAfee security product. After getting that activation key you can get all the features of the McAfee. Mostly the mobile devices are Android or ios. McAfee mobile security with activation key is the security provider software for one-year protection against the virus. McAfee activation key is necessary to get the new features of McAfee.     

Activate McAfee antivirus in Android:

Before getting the activation key you have to install the McAfee antivirus software in your device. then activate McAfee antivirus through

Steps to install and activate the McAfee in Android:

  • At first, go to your ‘Google Play Store’ app.
  • Search for ‘McAfee mobile security’
  • Then tap to ‘Install’.
  • Wait for the installation and after getting finish open the installed app.
  • Tap ‘Find Devices or Backup” option.
  • Enter your Email ID and then go to ‘Next’.
  • Fill out the details which are required to register your account.
  • After that, you need to create your 6-digit pin.
  • Tap ‘Go to Menu’ option in your McAfee mobile security app.
  • After that tap the orange circle which is at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then tap ‘Set your Question Security’ and enter your 6-digit pin.
  • Select any two questions and give the answer to those two questions that which you can remember.
  • Select ‘Save’.
  • Tap ‘Activate uninstalls protection’ then ‘Activate’.
  • Lastly, tap ‘Finish’.

In the above process, you can install and activate McAfee antivirus in your Android device. In case if you have any problem to install the McAfee antivirus then you can contact McAfee Customer Service.

Activate the McAfee antivirus in ios:

McAfee mobile security is free in the ios system.

  • Open your app store in your ios system.
  • Search for McAfee application.
  • Click on ‘Install’.
  • After installation opens the McAfee app.
  • Then login or register with your mail id with a password.
  • Add a 6-digit number.
  • Then backup your contacts.

Enter the activation key for McAfee:

The activation key of McAfee is a 25-digit number. To get the new advanced security feature of McAfee, the activation key is necessary.

Steps to find the activation key of the McAfee antivirus:

  • Sign in your McAfee account with your confirmation mail ID. (For online mode)
  • Open your mail and you can find your activation key with a 25-digit number.
  • Go and search for the McAfee installation box. (For offline mode)
  • You can get a retail card under the McAfee installation box.
  • Then you can get a 25-digit code behind the box.
  • After getting the activation key to enter the activation key in the required field and your page will activate.

Sometimes people lost their activation key to get the new features or renew the McAfee account, in this case, you need to visit your McAfee account and you can get the activation key from your account information. After getting the account information to choose your antivirus security product then you will find the activation key or product key.


In today’s world, each and every people want to get an instant result at their hand. In the digital world, people make their official and personal work on the internet through mobile, computer, Mac, Laptop, etc. McAfee will help you to secure your information in your system. So keep installing McAfee Antivirus software in your system and especially in the mobile or smartphone.

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