How to Resolve The McAfee Installation Error Code 0

How to Resolve The McAfee Installation Error Code 0

The McAfee is one of the satisfactory antivirus software which presents complete cybersecurity for its users. Millions of users install the McAfee antivirus on their devices to get protection against cyber threats. Millions of customers set up the McAfee antivirus on their devices to get protection towards cyber threats. The users can use various type of McAfee security products with their own choice. Some times we get some McAfee issues while we installing the McAfee antivirus software in our system like McAfee error 12152, McAfee error code ‘0’, error 1404 McAfee and etc.

Now in this blog, we will discuss ‘How to resolve the McAfee error code ‘0’’. This error makes many issues in your Windows system. After the resolution of McAfee Error Code 0, you have to install the ‘McAfee total protection’ for better protection of the system.    

Problems created by McAfee Error Code ‘0’:

Due to the McAfee error code 0 problem, we face different types of problems like:

  • Slow response of mouse, keyboard and the Window system.
  • The PC system fails with errors zero when going for walks in the same application.
  • McAfee error code 0 fail all the active program in the system.
  • The PC may be ‘freezes’ for some time.
  • ‘McAfee backup filter error 0’ may display continuously on the screen.

Reasons for McAfee Error code 0:

We can avoid the ‘McAfee error code 0’ by keeping attention in the below steps:  

  • If the Malware is infected in your PC system then you can get the above problems in your PC.
  • Incomplete installation of antivirus software may be a reason for McAfee Error code 0.
  • The necessary programme of McAfee internet security may be deleted from your system.

Steps to fix the McAfee Error Code ‘0’:

Run the McAfee preinstall utility:

  • You need to run the McAfee preinstall utility software to resolve the Installation McAfee error code 0.
  • Download the Mcafee preinstall utility software.
  • Double left clicks on the “Pre-install.Tool.exe” to process the software.
  • Then try to install the McAfee antivirus once again.

Run the McAfee Virtual Technicians:

  • At first, Open your system.
  • And open a web browser on the desktop.
  • Search for McAfee Virtual Technicians in the web browser.
  • Then download and run the McAfee Virtual technicians software.
  • After that try to install McAfee antivirus software in your system.

Re-download the McAfee installation file after removing of McAfee removal tool:

It is the important steps to resolve the McAfee Error Code 0. It is the process of installation of McAfee after removing of McAfee Removal Tool.

  • Delete all the downloaded antivirus file from your system.
  • Again download the antivirus file which you have already deleted from your system, after deleting the downloaded files.
  • Check the downloaded file to make sure that these files are not corrupted.
  • Click the ‘Download the McAfee file’ to run it.  
  • After download, you will get a message “Do you want to install it?”.
  • Then click the ‘Yes’ option to install the McAfee file.

After finishing these steps check your installation error to confirm the resolution of McAfee Error Code 0. Wish these steps are very clean and helpful to clear up the ‘McAfee Error Code 0’. If you get the same trouble in your system after a clean install window then there will be some trouble in your hardware.  

There is another procedure to resolve the 0 error from your system.

Restore Registry Entries related to Error 0:

This registration process can get rid of the McAfee Error Code 0 but it is too risky because one misplaced comma can prevent your pc from booting completely. If you using this process then it is your own risk.

  • Open your system and go to the ‘Start’ button.
  • Type ‘command’ in the ‘search programme file’ box.
  • Do not hit ‘Enter’ after finding the ‘command’ option.
  • After finding the ‘command’ option hold ‘Ctrl+Shift’ and then hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.
  • After hitting the ‘Enter’ key you can find permission dialogue box.
  • Click the ‘Yes’ option on the dialogue box.
  • After clicking the ‘Yes’ option you will get a black box.
  • Write ‘Regedit’ and beat ‘Enter’.
  • Select any 0 error key ( McAfee Antivirus) which you want to backup.
  • Go to the ‘File menu’ and then select the ‘Export’ option.
  • Select any folder where you want to save the McAfee antivirus backup in the ‘Save In’ list.
  • Type a name for your file name in the ‘File Name’ box.
  • Go to the ‘Export range’ box.
  • Click the ‘Selected Branch’ option.
  • Then click ‘Save’.
  • Your file is now saved with the .reg file extension.
  • Now you can backup your McAfee Antivirus registry entry.

While you doing the backup registry entry be careful with the backup process because a little mistake can damage your entire system.    


If you getting some problem during the reinstallation process of McAfee or to fix the McAfee error code 0 then contact with our McAfee Customer Service for the solution. Our McAfee Customer Service team are always ready to troubleshoot your problem in fast response time.

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