McAfee Endpoint Protection – Download and Install Mcafee Product

McAfee Endpoint Protection – Download and Install Mcafee Product

McAfee Endpoint Protection is a McAfee antivirus product which is designed to protect your computers or devices from viruses and online threats. It is an Advance security product which will provide you the 25% higher protection feature rate in all type of systems. McAfee endpoint protection is an improved popular antivirus software to giving completely safety from the advanced malware virus and evolving zero-day threats.

The Advanced Feature of McAfee Endpoint protection:

  • McAfee Endpoint Security is one of the McAfee Security Product in the software market.
  • It can protect, detect and correct all types of problem in your system.
  • It will provide you better performance, the resolve of online threat in a faster motion.
  • McAfee endpoint threat protection is able to search and solve the virus problems in one-click correction.
  • This security product help to improve the performance feature of your system and with accelerated time protection.

How to install McAfee Endpoint Protection?

Steps to download the McAfee virus scan/Endpoint protection installer files in McAfee for Mac:

  • Go to the VSM970-RTW-1298.dmg link and double click in the link to display the VSM970-RTW-1298.pkg.
  • Then again double click in the VSM970-RTW-1298.pkg and click the ‘Continue’ to proceed the installation process.
  • Again click the ‘Continue’ button in the introduction window.
  • After reviewing ‘What’s New ‘ click the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Read the User license agreement then click ‘Continue’.
  • After reading the ‘software license agreement’ agree with the license agreement.
  • Then click on ‘Install’.
  • Type your account ID and password and click the ‘Install Software’ option.
  • Wait for some time, for the complete installation.
  • After installation, you will get a message on your screen.
  • Click the ‘Close’ option.
  • Now the ‘McAfee Endpoint protection is installed in your system.

Upgrade installation of McAfee Endpoint Security:

  • Check your product package file in McAfee ePO.
  • If you did not upgrade your McAfee Internet Security then ‘Upgrade’ your McAfee agent.
  • Update McAfee manually (EPO McAfee)  with the latest content file.
  • Choose any one way to handle the system using the client software to with a default software, “ Control system with deployment tasks or Control system with installation URL”.
  • Establish that your client software is up to date in your system.
  • Now your upgrade installation is done.   

Steps to download the McAfee Endpoint Security content file:

  • At first, go to the McAfee ePO ( McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator).
  • Got to the ‘Menu’ option and then click on ‘Automation’ option.
  • Open the ‘Server Task catalog’ from the ‘Server Task’ option.
  • Re-edit the ‘Update Master Repository’.
  • Go to the ‘Action’ tab.
  • Check the source site is ‘McAfeeHttp’ and package type is ‘all packages’.
  • To save all the task click on the ‘Save’ option.
  • Select the ‘Run’ option to update the Master Repository.

How to access the McAfee Endpoint Security?

  • ‘Log in’ to your McAfee ePO software.
  • You can get the McAfee Endpoint Security in the software manager.
  • Then you can get a number to download the software.
  • Install the software package through the help of McAfee ePO software.
  • Now you can get the access to McAfee Endpoint Security.   

New Technology in the McAfee Endpoint Protection:

  • Machine learning: Machine learning is the feature for advanced detection capability with measured and perfect time.
  • EDR (Endpoint Detection & Protection): EDR technology made the McAfee Endpoint protection easier. It makes easier to detect and protect the viruses, threats on the system.
  • Migration Assistant: Migration assistant is a tool to make the migration easy and perform the task automatically for the customers.   
  • Monitoring behavior: Monitoring behavior will analyze the virus attack and alert you against the threats on your system.  
  • Contaminate application: Contains the hateful applications or statements and process on endpoints even when the users are offline.

Un doubtable McAfee Endpoint Security is advanced antivirus software. But each and every person has own choice. If you want to uninstall the McAfee Endpoint Security antivirus from your system then install the McAfee removal tool.  


Lastly, we can say that the McAfee Endpoint Security software is the best product of McAfee. If you getting any problem during following these steps then you can consult with our McAfee Customer Service team. McAfee Customer Sevice team is always ready to troubleshoot your problem at any time. Keep Install McAfee antivirus for the better protective system.    

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